Property Manager | Asking The Right Questions Prior To Selecting A Rental Home

24 Questions To Ask Your Landlord Before Renting (And Four To Ask Yourself)

24 Questions To Ask Your Landlord Before Renting (And Four To Ask Yourself)


If you are looking to rent property in areas like Murrieta or Temecula, or any other California city, it’s important to find a landlord that you like and can trust. Finding the right landlord can be a lot like dating. It can be awkward at first, but there are a few things you need to know right off the bat to make sure it’s a relationship that will last. It’s better to know after the first date that you and your date have a very different set of morals and values in order to prevent heartache and stress down the road. When you’re looking for rental properties, you have to remember you’re not only committing to the home, but to the landlord as well. Here are 24 questions you should ask your potential landlord before taking it to the next level (professionally speaking of course)


When it comes to the house…

  1. What repairs am I responsible for?
  2. What repairs are you responsible for?
  3. How do I contact you if there’s something that needs to be fixed?
  4. What is the parking situation?
  5. What can I expect when it comes to the landlord’s access to the home?
  6. Is this house my perfect rental home

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When it comes to the rent

  1. Are utilities included?
  2. When is rent due?
  3. What’s the best way for me to pay?
  4. Is there a grace period for late rent?
  5. Are there late fees?
  6. When will the rent go up and by how much?
  7. Is there a property management company I need to know about?
  8. Is it Benefit National Property Management?
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When it comes to the lease…

  1. What are the details of the lease agreement?
  2. What am I responsible for?
  3. What are you responsible for?
  4. What happens if I need to break or extend the lease?
  5. What are my options for renewal of the lease?
  6. What things aren’t allowed (pets, re-painting the walls, etc)
  7. What is the subletting policy?
  8. What is the guest policy?


When it comes to moving in/out

  1. What’s the process for moving in?
  2. Are there days/times when moving trucks can’t be at the property?
  3. How much notice is required before I move out?
  4. What would cause you to NOT return my security deposit?
Property Manager | Asking The Right Questions Prior To Selecting A Rental Home
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If your potential landlord is hesitant to answer your questions, makes you feel like a pain for asking, or takes forever to respond to your questions, he/she may not be the best option for your rental situation. Professional landlords understand that you want to feel safe, confident and comfortable in this home and should go above and beyond to make you feel that way. If they’re not eager to answer your questions now, they probably won’t be jumping up and down to help when a water pipe breaks in the middle of the night or the AC goes out in the middle of August. Finding a home that is managed by a professional property management company is always good too. They do this for a living and have teams that handle these types of issues.


You’re the renter. You’re the one paying. These questions are a good place to start (and by all means, ask more!) to get a good idea about who the landlord is and if he/she will make your life easier or harder once you sign the lease. Follow your gut. Before you sign the lease, ask YOURSELF this question:


  1. Would I feel comfortable letting my kids/best friend rent from this person?
  2. Do I get good vibes from this person?
  3. Do I trust him/her?
  4. Does this person get back to my calls/emails/texts promptly?


If the answer is no, it might mean your rental property search is not quite over.



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