32784 Hislop Way, Temecula CA, 92592-$1,495

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Available 9/1. Temecula single story 4 bedroom home features an open kitchen to family room, fireplace, ceiling fans, private backyard with patio cover, gardener, and located within the Great Oak High School district.


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  1. Ali

    Since a HELOC loan uses your home as collatoral, the terms of when the lndeer can foreclose are written in the terms of your loan.Basically, when you use anything for collateral the collateral is turned over to the lndeer (in this case your property) should you miss enough payments.The lndeer can not foreclose until the number of missed payments specified in your loan agreement.HOWEVER!!!!!! Under the law, when a lndeer makes a loan that requires collateral, foreclosure can be avoided by making a payment on the loan. It is much more difficult for a lndeer to foreclose on a HELOC.If foreclosure is threatened the best thing to do is see a lawyer. Since you live in what is called a common-law State, Arizona, the ability to foreclose is also constrained by literally hundreds of legal precedents. These precedents have the force of law.One aspect of common-law is that is more difficult for anyone to seize property. This red thread as lawyers call it literally goes back hundreds of years to medieval England. At one time Nobility could steal a commoner’s land by saying they dreamed their ancestor did not sell the property and their title was a forgery. I am not joking. This is why common law when it comes to property has the protections that it does.

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