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6 Key Qualities Of A Good Landlord

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Finding a rental property that you love can be hard, but finding a rental property that you love that is managed by a landlord who is competent and professional is even more of a challenge! As a renter, you are not just committing to the rental property, you are committing to maintaining a professional relationship with the landlord. Before you sign any contracts or commit to your next rental property, consider these 6 key qualities of a good landlord to ensure that your rental experience is the best that it can be. A landlord who can communicate effectively, fixes issues on time, is honest and works with integrity can make all the difference between a pleasant rental experience and one that is a disaster.

Organized Rental Home Owner

A professional and dependable landlord is someone who is organized. You want to be able to rest assured that your landlord will not misplace your contract, or even worse, your rent payment. You want to make sure that they have a system in place to keep track of your rental payments to avoid any misunderstandings. It is your landlord’s responsibility to stay on top of routine home maintenance, taxes, and other important documents. A stress-free landlord/tenant relationship starts with an organized landlord.

Fast-Acting Investment Property Owner

Your landlord’s priority should be to ensure that the home you are living in is safe and clean and livable. If you report an issue, whether big or small, your landlord should work quickly to rectify it. You should not have to chase them down, remind them, or live for long periods of time with issues in the home. You should be able to trust that your landlord will fix issues on time and in a way that will provide a long-term solution for the problem. Landlords who do not live nearby often hire Murrieta property management companies, or other property management companies in the area, to help them stay on top of routine maintenance for their rentals.

Landlord With Strong Communication

Real estate is a people-centered business. This means that landlords should be able to relate and connect with their tenants and communicate effectively. Your landlord should communicate expectations and directions clearly, and listen to your questions, concerns, and feedback. A dependable landlord will not be condescending or judgmental, and will respond to texts, calls, or emails promptly. If you cannot communicate with your landlord, things could get messy very quickly. Another way that a landlord can show that they are dedicated to clear and productive communication with their tenants is following up with them after an issue or concern has been taken care of. A good landlord will take care of problems, a great landlord will follow up afterward to ensure that their tenant is happy and comfortable with the living arrangements.

Fair and Flexible Landlord

The landlord/tenant relationship is a professional relationship. This means that there needs to be boundaries in place and expectations clearly communicated so that everybody is on the same page. A strong landlord understands that life happens, and should offer flexibility and compassion when things don’t go according to plan. You don’t want a landlord that is going to let the tenant walk all over him or her, but you also don’t want to a landlord who is going to be a stickler for the rules and not offer grace or understanding when times get tough. A professional landlord will take each situation on a case-by-case basis and strive to be fair and flexible to maintain a professional relationship.

Honest and Works With Integrity For Their Investment Home

Tenants also look for a landlord they can trust, someone who has proven they work with integrity and are honest. A landlord should strive to be transparent with their tenants, there should be nothing that a landlord hides from their tenant or is less than truthful about. This goes beyond just business practices and can include the landlord being upfront and honest about issues that that home has that a tenant may not know right away. A good landlord will not cover up these issues and let the tenants know upfront and allow them to make a decision based on all of the facts. Winchester Property Management companies, and other property managers in the area, have a reputation for their dedication to ethical work practices and ensuring that landlords and tenants work together with integrity.

A Rental Property Owner That Understands Boundaries

Often times, tenants find that their landlords are either intrusive and nosy or impossible to reach. A solid landlord will be somewhere right in the middle, available when a tenant needs them but not all up in their business. Most landlords are invested in the property that they rent out and have an emotional attachment to it. Sometimes, this can lead to them micromanaging their tenants or being extra picky about the way a tenant treats at home. An overbearing landlord is a sure way to lead to vacancies, so it is important for landlords to understand boundaries and give their tenants the space and privacy they need to feel comfortable. Of course, this does not mean the landlord should take a laissez-faire approach to their rentals, and should be aware of the condition of the home and the overall tenant experience.

As you continue on your rental journey in southern California, make sure you vet your landlords to ensure they possess these six key qualities. Knowing who you will be working with, and if they can be trusted, organized and dedicated to clear communication, will help you build a professional and mutually beneficial tenant/landlord relationship. Properties that are professionally managed by a property management company are usually your best bet. A property manager can provide guidance to a landlord that might not realize what a good working relationship should look like.

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