6 Questions to Ask Your Potential Management Company

There is nothing wrong with asking for help once in a while. If everyone was perfect at their job or task that they were given, while it would be easier for everyone, then it really wouldn’t be much of a job would it? For landlords, the stress of dealing with tenant’s complaints, leases, maintenance issues and other such annoyances is not fun, let alone easy. Sometimes, the landlord may have to ask a property management company to help do the work for them.

Benefit National is one of those property management companies that help landlords with issues related to owning/managing any living area. Based in Southern California, the company is always willing to give assistance to the landlords who need it.

For the rest of the country who does not live near SoCal, what does one do when trying to find the right property management company? Besides looking around and finding out the company’s reputation and overall reception from other clients, what kind of questions should a landlord ask when they start contacting certain property management companies? Among others, here are six different questions that should be essential for hiring the right company.

How long has the company been in business?

While it would be great to give an upstart company some business, any landlord would have to look for one that is experienced and has a decent enough reputation that they can provide what you need.

 Does your company help manage more than one property?

This does not apply to every single landlord out there, but if they have trouble with managing more than one place at a time, it is good to know that the property management company can provide assistance with that.

What services can you help provide clients?

This can include help with leasing and with maintenance. Most property management companies will provide the services if they are needed. There are even some property management companies that will provide cleaning services on a weekly basis. 

How many team members can be employed for my property?

This can be about whether or not the landlord needs another physical hand in helping manage the property or not. 

What is your policy on dealing with unruly tenants?

Dealing with annoying people is something not everyone can do, seeing if the company can do something like provide security or have some sort of counselor on duty is a good idea when you are asking questions of a potential company.

How can your company help me in the long run?

This is important because a landlord needs to know the long term benefits of having help from a property management company.

Finding a property management company that will suit your needs may be difficult at first, and asking the round of questions may come off as repetitive. However, finding out who is right for the job is what every landlord needs to do. After all, no employer is going to hire someone without an interview before hand.