Home Maintenance Between Leases

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Sometimes it’s easier to do home maintenance when your rental property is vacant. If you have a day or two between leases, here are a few home maintenance issues to address.

1. Servicing the A/C. Just like with anything else in life, an Air Conditioner will last longer if it is properly serviced each year. Although this doesn’t require an empty rental to do, it is easy to remember to do it each year between leases. Be sure to check that their is not brush or debris blocking air flow into the unit as well. It’s always a good idea to hire a professional to service your air conditioning unit.

2. Spraying for pests. With the warm weather here, bugs are becoming a problem. Stop them from taking over your rental by having it sprayed at least twice a year. It’s easiest to do when the rental property is vacant.

3. Cleaning/replacing carpet. Carpets in rental properties get filthy. We all know that. But if you have the chance to get them cleaned between leases, it makes it so much easier!

4. Painting. It is nearly impossible to paint when there is people’s belongings all over. Take the opportunity when your rental is vacant to give it a good paint job. Fresh paint greatly enhances the appeal of a rental.

5. Changing batteries in smoke detectors. Although this is an easy task that doesn’t require a vacant rental, don’t forget to change the batteries in the smoke detectors each year at lease time!

6. Fixing broken items. Before your new tenants take over, make a list and repair any items that are broken in your rental, such as locks, door knobs, appliances, etc. It’s much easier to fix several issues at once over a few hours than it is to invade your new tenants after they move in. They will in turn be much happier as well that everything is in working order!