It’s Heating Up Outside

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Most of you have probably started up your air conditioners by now. With highs in the low 90s predicted this week, now is the time to prepare your home for the onset of summer heat. We have a few tips to help you.


1. Service your air conditioning unit. It’s a well known fact that servicing your air conditioner each year will help prolong it’s lifetime. Did you know though that servicing your air conditioning unit can also increase its efficiency, saving you money on energy bills? Don’t forget to change the filter, and be sure that your air conditioning unit is clear of debris and plants that can restrict airflow intake.


2. Seal leaking windows and doors. Air leaks in your house can cause an enormous amount of inefficiency. Fixing your draft problems will keep the cool air in, and the warm air out.


3. Install blinds. It goes without saying that you should have blinds or curtains on each window, but we’re going to say it anyway. Blocking direct sunlight from entering your home can keep your house up to 5 degrees cooler!


4. Shut the front door. Not just the front door, but all the exterior doors. Kids are often the repeat offenders of this, and reminding them to securely latch the door when they come inside will help keep your home cool.


5. Use fans. While fans do not “cool” your home, they do provide air circulation, which is all that is needed many times. If your home feels stuffy, try running a couple ceiling fans instead of cranking down the A/C.