Get The Most Rent Out Of Your Rental Property

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All property owners want to get their property rented for the highest value possible. So, what’s the secret to doing it? Follow these 4 steps and you will be well on your way:1. Take care of maintenance issues. Nothing is harder to rent than a property that has something that needs repaired. If a potential tenant walks into a rental and sees water stains on the ceiling or the paint is peeling off the walls, they will be immediately turned off. Take the time to thoroughly investigate your entire property, and fix anything that needs to be repaired.

2. Make sure your property is squeaky clean. Dirty rentals are also very hard to rent. Clean your rental from ceiling to floor, under appliances and in between cracks. It’s much easier to ask for higher rent when the property is spotlessly clean.

3. Make your property pet friendly. So many people today have pets, and need a pet friendly rental. By allowing pets in your rental, not only will you likely be able to get higher rent, but you will have a much easier time renting your property over rentals that don’t allow pets.

4. Identify your selling features. What is it that makes your rental unique? Do you have a large, fenced in backyard? Does your rental have a wood burning fireplace? How about an abundance of storage. There are some features in rentals that tenants will pay more for. Make a list of the best features your property has to offer, and use them to effectively market your rental for the best price possible.

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