Three Key Benefits of Using a Property Manager

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Maybe you just purchased your first investment property, or possibly you are starting to get overwhelmed with managing your existing rental properties. Whatever the case may be, you’ve been considering hiring a property manager.

So what is holding you back? Sometimes, property owners see “property managers” as dishonest, untrustworthy and only out to get your money. While there may be a few of those types of property managers out there, they usually don’t last long. A more likely reason you’re unsure about hiring a property manager is that it’s hard to turn control over of your property.

The good news is most property managers treat each property as if it were their own. Property managers aren’t “out to get you”, and there can be several benefits of hiring a property manager. Here are three big reasons you should strongly consider hiring a property manager.

1. Greater marketing power. Property management companies have greater marketing power, which means your vacant rental property will be more likely to get rented faster. Through a company website, incoming phone calls and other expensive forms of advertising, property management companies can extend their reach well beyond what an individual property owner can.

2. Staying updated on regulations. State and local regulations are constantly changing in the property management world, and staying up to date on all of them is a chore itself. If you are self-managing your rental property, you can incur serious problems by violating laws, often without even knowing it.

3. Dealing with tenant issues. No one likes conflict. However, conflict and problems are commonplace in property management. If a situation arises and you manage your own properties, it’s your responsibility alone to communicate with the tenants. Hiring a property manager can relieve you from that duty, so you can rest easy.



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