Four Places to “Staycation” Before The Summer Comes To An End

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Summer is winding down, and school is starting back up. If you haven’t done any fun activities with your family all summer, now is the time to squeeze it in! Traveling a long distance for a vacation is expensive, and likely out of the question on a short time frame. We have four ideas of ways you can “Staycation” right in your area.

1. The Zoo. We are lucky enough to have such a wonderful zoo. If you haven’t ever been, or haven’t gone in a while, there is always something new to see. Along with guided tours, the zoo has many special programs for all ages.

2. Have a lake day. A day on the lake is fun for the entire family. 

3. Take in the “Splash Park” or city pool. If you haven’t done so already this summer, take your family to the  Pool or Splash Park. The Pool is large, and offers several pools, slides and even a lazy river.

4. Have a camp out. Camping out is an activity the entire family can engage in. It will give you quality time with your kids, before the school year gets busy. There are several parks and areas of the lake where you can camp (although you should check to see if a permit is required). Camping out in your own backyard can be just as fun!

Don’t wait until your family is too busy to try and spend time together. Go out and have a little fun before summer is completely over!