Ways To Make Your New Rental Feel Like Home



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Today is the 15th of August, so hopefully you have had enough time to unpack everything after moving into your new rental home. If not, that’s OK. We know that unpacking can be tedious, and procrastinating is easy.

Once you do get settled in to your new rental home, we have 5 tips for you that will help your new place feel like home quickly.

1. Decorate your walls. You may have unpacked all of your boxes, but it’s likely you haven’t found time to decorate just yet. Staring at those blank, white walls can be extremely depressing. Take a few minutes to decorate your walls, by putting up some family photos around your home. Nothing makes you feel more at home than when you’re surrounded by pictures of your family.

2. Purchase a new rug for you living room. Rugs add character to a room, and make the room feel more relaxing and inviting. Add a rug to your living room, and you will be able to relax like you’ve been living there for years!

3. Distribute familiar smells. New rentals can smell like paint, or have a smell that isn’t familiar to you. Light candles that you commonly burn, or even spray your perfume or cologne around the house to make it smell like you. Your body will have a much easier time adjusting to the new place if it has a familiar smell.

4. Add lighting where needed. You could likely walk through your previous home blind folded because you were so familiar with the place. You won’t be able to do that right away in your new home. By adding some additional light where needed, you will have a much easier time navigating in the dark. This will help you get acquainted with the space more easily.

5. Clean! Yes, we tend to hammer this point home every chance we get. BUT, having a clean space will make you feel dramatically more relaxed. Take a couple of hours to make sure your entire home is clean, and you will instantly feel much better!