Being A Good Guest Host For The Holiday Weekend

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If you’re celebrating Easter this weekend, you might be having guests come to stay with you. It could very likely be your first time hosting family for a holiday too! With so many things to think about and prepare, it can get a little overwhelming. We’ve tried to break it down to the main points.

1. Make your guests comfortable. It’s all about making your guests feel at home. Even if it’s just your family staying with you, they can feel out of place when they are in someone else’s environment.

2. Meal arrangements. Cooking is often one of the biggest chores when hosting guests. If you’re not comfortable with cooking, it may be easier to take your guests to a restaurant. If you do enjoy cooking, here is a little piece of advice; KEEP IT SIMPLE! You already have enough going on trying to clean and prepare your home for company. The last thing you should try to do is take on an enormous meal, especially by yourself. Keep your menu simple, and ask your guests to bring a side dish to help you out.

3. Plan activities. What’re you planning on doing with your guests for the duration of their visit. There’s nothing worse than everyone sitting around, staring at each other in boredom. Take time to plan a few activities ahead of time that everyone can enjoy. Consider taking your guests site seeing of special places that they haven’t been before. Activities will help your guests have a good time.

4. Proper send-off. When it’s time for your guests to leave, thank them for coming and make sure that they haven’t left anything behind. It’s also a nice gesture to offer them something to drink or snack on for their journey home. NEVER allow your guests to leave on an empty stomach!

5. Special needs. I would describe this as ‘going above the call of duty’, but if there is something that one or all of your guests particularly like, try to provide it for them during their stay. What I mean is if you have a guest who often drinks soda, make sure you stock up on some soda before they come. You guests will greatly appreciate these gestures of kindness and thought.

Hosting people is a lot of work, but can feel very rewarding. Just be careful not to do a perfect job of hosting them, or they might come back to visit too often! :)