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The Best Time Of Year To Market Your Rental Home

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Summer in Southern California means warm weather, busy beaches, and families moving into and around the state while their kids are out of school. It is one of the busiest seasons for California landlords, as many business professionals, retirees, and families see the summer as the perfect opportunity for relocation. If you have the luxury of a flexible timeline when it comes to marketing your rental, plan for the summer to generate the most interest and increase your chances of finding highly qualified renters. It is the best time of year to market your rental home.

Here are four reasons why summer is the best time to market your rental home:

Moving during the summer is more convenient for renters and landlords

Relocating to Southern California is easier in the summertime. Even though California residents don’t experience blistering cold winters, moving in the summer has its advantages. The pleasant weather makes it easy for tenants to travel from point A to point B, unload boxes, and get settled in a new place. Summer also gives you the perfect conditions to spruce up the exterior of the home and improve the curb appeal of your home. If you’re having professional photos done of your home (which is highly recommended), the summer is a great time to do it because your home looks its best.

It makes sense for families with school-aged kids

Moving to a new home can be a significant change for families, especially for those with school-aged kids. Summer gives parents 6-8 weeks to move and get settled into their new home without interrupting their child’s school schedule. If you own rental property in an area popular for renting families, having a property that is move-in ready during summer can help them adjust to their new home a little easier. If your property is zoned for a good school, make sure to include this in your marketing strategy. Parents will be looking for rentals that are close to good schools and will want to move in before the start of the school year.

It makes sense for incoming college students

Riverside California is home to the University of California and many other community colleges and technical schools. These colleges enroll thousands of new first-year students and transfer students each year, making Riverside popular for college-aged tenants. Summer is a popular time for college students to relocate to California and get familiar with the city before the fall season of classes begins. If you own property in the Riverside County area, summer is an ideal time to market to incoming college students. A Winchester Property Management company may be ideal.

It makes sense for college grads

For those graduating from any of the local southern California colleges, one of the first things on their list of post-graduation things to do will be to find a new place to live. They only have a few weeks to clear out their college dorms or apartments and move into a new space. College grads will be eager and motivated rent in the Murrietta and Temecula areas after college due to the abundance of retail, healthcare and social assistance, and educational jobs in the area. Summer is the best time to market your home to college grads because they are in a transitional time of their lives and will be looking for a convenient and affordable place to call home.

Benefit National Handles Rentals In All Four Seasons

Of course, not every landlord has the freedom and flexibility to market their home in a specific season. Other factors may affect when the best time of year to market your rental home is. Vacancies happen all year long, which is why it is crucial you’re working with a Temecula property management company that has experience filling them in all seasons. Benefit National is a full-service property management company specializing in leasing, marketing, tenant screening, accounting, regular maintenance, and administrative responsibilities.

While summer is an ideal time to market your rental, Benefit National can take care of your investment property regardless of the season. Click here to read more about our exceptional owner’s services.


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