landlord frustrated with handling evictions after the moratoriums

Handling Evictions After The Moratoriums

Here we’ll cover some aspects of handling evictions after the moratoriums. Evictions are one of the hardest parts of owning property, both financially and emotionally. Even if you are evicting nightmare tenants, the time, energy, and money it takes to rid them of your property can take a toll on any landlord. Now, we have […]

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Competitive Price Rental Home | Temecula Property Management

The Importance Of Competitive Rental Home Pricing

Competitive rental home pricing is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make about your investment property. Some investors are emotionally tied to the property, or just want to make as much money as possible, and price their property far above their competitors. Others are looking to quickly fill vacancies and think under-pricing […]

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Tenants Unpacking On Couch. Keys to a solid tenant landlord relationship in Murrieta Temecula

Keys To A Solid Tenant Landlord Relationship In Temecula Murrieta

The keys to a solid tenant landlord relationship in Temecula Murrieta are many but simple. Successful property investors know that the key to a profitable investment is a “people first, property second” mindset. Building professional relationships with other investors, property managers, contractors, and tenants will set you up for long-term success. One of the most […]

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Murrieta Property management Rental Property

Why It Is More Tax Effective To Hold Rental Real Estate Versus Selling

  In many situations it’s more tax effective to hold rental real estate versus selling. The buy-and-hold real estate strategy involves buying property and renting it out for an extended period of time. Instead of buying a rental property with the intention to flip it and sell it, the goal of buy-and-hold real estate is […]

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Murrieta Property Management Relieves Stress | Benefit National

How A Property Management Company Relieves Your Stress

How A Property Management Company Relieves Stress Owning property can be a lot of things : exciting, profitable, rewarding. But it can also be stressful. The everyday responsibilities that come with renting out your home can sometimes seem daunting for hey busy homeowner. Screening tenants, scheduling maintenance request, scheduling move-ins and move-outs, handling tenant complaints, […]

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property advertising campaign temecula

A Strong Property Advertising Campaign Can Maximize Your Rents In Temecula

Having a strong property advertising campaign can help maximize rents in Temecula. Owning a rental property in Temecula means juggling a lot of responsibilities. There’s the acquisition of property, the routine and emergency maintenance, the tenant screening processes, the contracts, understanding the taxes and legal side of the investment, and the process of building a […]

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How A Murrieta Property Manager Can Increase Your Profitability

Utilizing a Murrieta property manager can increase your profitability. Owning an investment property in Temecula, Murrieta, or the surrounding area is all about balancing income with expenses. Rental properties require continued maintenance and regular expenses to turn a profit. Many seasoned owners have learned that the most cost-effective way to achieve a balance and make […]

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Inflation Rental Property | Temecula Rental Property

Will Inflation Affect My Temecula Rental Home Investment?

Will inflation affect my Temecula rental home investment? Everyone and every industry has been impacted by Covid in some way, and our economy is still reeling after two years of shutdowns and uncertainty. Landlords, property management companies, real estate investors, and even average home buyers and sellers are wondering how the lingering impacts of the […]

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Rising Interest Rates Rents Falling | Property Management

Can Rising Interest Rates Cause Rents To Fall?

Inflation impacts the economy in many ways, but one of the biggest ways we can feel the effects of inflation is through the changes in interest rates. The question gets asked, “Can rising interest rates cause rents to fall?” Higher interest rates make it harder for people to qualify for the mortgages they need to […]

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Rental Property Improvements Property Management

Five Cost-Effective Rental Property Improvements (+ 5 Bonus Ideas)

  One of the best ways to ensure your tenants are happy, reduce turnover, and ensure a steady stream of passive income is to invest in rental property improvements. Routine maintenance is critical in the upkeep of a property and will reduce expensive emergency repairs. But not all home improvements are cost-effective, and not all […]

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Rental Home Investment Forecast Signing

2022 Southern CA Rental Market Forecast

  Economists are hopeful about the recovery of the labor market in 2022, but what does that mean for the 2022 Southern CA Rental Market forecast? Specifically for the thousands of people who choose to rent instead of own?  Here’s what the experts are predicting for the 2022 Southern CA Rental Market:   The CA […]

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Temecula Property Management | Benefit National

The Dangers Of Deferred Maintenance

  One thing investors learn very quickly as they venture into property investing and management is that rentals are always in need of maintenance. It can often feel like just as you’re finishing up one home improvement project, something else needs your attention. It can be easy to push home maintenance to the bottom of […]

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Why Zillow Still Can’t Replace A Property Manager

  When homebuyers are looking for listings in their area, they turn to Zillow. If sellers are interested in what other homes in the area are going for, they check Zillow. When locals want to know about school ratings, rental properties, local mortgage rates, and neighborhood guides, they trust Zillow. Zillow has become a trusted […]

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Periodic Property Inspections | Murrieta Property Management

Why Periodic Property Inspections Are Still Crucial

  Every landlord is different when it comes to their hands-on involvement in their investment properties. Some California landlords hire Murrieta property management companies, (or other property managers in their area) to take care of their investments for them, while others try to handle all of the aspects of owning a rental home on their […]

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Temecula Property Management |Rental Home Improvements

5 Inexpensive Impactful Rental Home Improvements

  Being a landlord means wearing a lot of different hats. There is the tenant screening and background checking hat, the rent collection hat, the property acquisition hat, and the maintenance hat. Being proactive when it comes to maintenance and repairs is one of the best things you can do to keep costs down. But […]

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Credit Scores Rental Application | Property Management

How Landlords View Credit Scores

  Your credit score is a very important piece of information that tells landlords a lot about your financial stability. This three-digit number gives them insight into your spending habits, how you handle debt, and your history of paying down your debts on time. With this information, they can make an informed decision about whether […]

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