Murrieta Family Carrying Boxes Into A New Rental Home

Pros & Cons Of Choosing A Rental Home Based On School District

Moving into a rental home can be quite a process, and it can take a while for everyone to settle into their new neighborhood, new home, and new routine. This can be even more of a disruption for families with young children, as it usually means sending their children to a new school. Families with […]

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Property Managers Protect Your Investment | Benefit National Murrieta

A Day In The Life Of A Property Manager

Landlords hire property managers so that they can reap the benefits of a profitable investment property without having to take care of the multitude of responsibilities that comes with this type of investment strategy. If you were to take a peek into a Murrieta property management company (or any other property management company across the […]

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Renovating Your Kitchen In A Rental Home

Top 5 Revenue Boosting Renovations For Your Rental Home

One of the main reasons people invest in rental property is to generate a passive stream of income. They also appreciate the added benefits of having a secondary home to use if they need it, and that it adds to their investment portfolio. But to maximize your income, it is important to create a space […]

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Why Using A Flat Fee Property Manager Is A Smart Move

The whole idea behind hiring a Temecula Property Management Company (or a property manager in your area) is to cut down on the responsibilities associated with owning a rental property while still reaping the rewards. A property management company is responsible for screening tenants, collecting rent, scheduling work orders, staying up to date with taxes […]

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Rental Property Management Price Forecast 2019

2019 Rental Market Price Forecast For Southern CA

As we creep into the second quarter of 2019, many home buyers are wondering what to expect from the southern California real estate market and if buying or selling a home this year is in their best interest. If you’ve been in the southern California real estate industry for a while, you remember the mess […]

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Why Leasing Can Make Sense Over Buying

Investing in real estate is a milestone event, and requires careful planning and attention to detail. Potentially even requiring a Property Management Company to maintain it. As you navigate this process, you may wonder whether buying or leasing property makes the most sense for you at this stage of life. There are pros and cons […]

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Benefit National | Murrieta Property Management

How Using A Property Manager Can Improve Your Bottom Line

There are many reasons that landlords decide to enlist the help of a property management team when renting out homes in areas like Temecula, Winchester, and Fallbrook. It allows landlords to take advantage of the passive income without committing to all of the details and responsibilities it requires to rent out a home successfully. Time […]

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Move Out Inspections | Property Management | Benefit National

4 Common Misunderstandings of the Move-in/Move-out Inspection

4 Common Misunderstandings of the Move-in/Move-out inspection   For landlords and tenants, the move in (or move out) process can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. If both parties have a clear understanding of what is expected of them, many common misunderstandings could be prevented. Here are four of the most common conflicts […]

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Property Management | Temecula & Murrieta | Benefit National Will Coordinate Your AC Repair Issues For Your Tenants

Your Tenants Are Hot! 4 Common AC Problems in CA Rental Properties

Your Tenants Are Hot: 4 Common AC Problems in CA Rental Properties   Whether you live in Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, San Diego or LA, California summers can be brutal. Beautiful, but hot nonetheless. The high temperatures can mean AC units are working much harder than they are used to, and sweating tenants have been known […]

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Cheap Rental Homes | Murrieta Property Management | Temecula Property Manager

Are Cheap Properties Really Better For Cash Flow? | Property Management

Do Cheap Properties Really Cash Flow Better? When it comes to real estate investing, the strategies vary, but the end goal is pretty much the same: put a minimum amount of money IN and get a whole lot more out. Many investors find excitement in the search for the most inexpensive properties; properties that just […]

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Short Term & Long Term Rentals | Temecula | Winchester Property Management

Long Term vs. Short Term Vacation Rentals: Which Strategy is Better for Investors In Temecula?

Long Term vs. Short Term Vacation Rentals: Which Strategy is Better for Investors In Temecula? Investing in vacation rentals is one of those things that can be done in so many different ways. Some prefer long-term vacation rentals, while others are perfectly happy with new guests every few weeks. There are so many ways to […]

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Top 10 Rental Property Repairs | How To Handle Them | Property Management

Top 10 Most Common Rental Property Repairs | Property Management

Top 10 Most Common Rental Property Repairs Owning an investment property comes with a lot of perks, but it’s not without its fair share of work. A rental property, just like any other property, requires routine maintenance and upgrades to stay functional. Owning a rental property means being prepared to repair things in a quick […]

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Temecula property management discusses how rising interest rates can affect your investment property

Rising Interest Rates Effect On Investment Property | Good Or Bad?

  Inflation is slowly rearing it’s ugly head, and with it come higher interest rates. Despite the obvious potential for downward pressure on prices. Rental property owners actually have reasons to cheer on rising interest rates provided that the economy is steady! Home Buyers Home buyers obviously don’t like seeing interest rates rising, unless they’re lucky […]

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