Boost Your Rental Income with These Easy Upgrades In-House


Who doesn’t want to get more rental income when they are renting to some tenants? Being a landlord can be a difficult situation. Your ultimate goal is to keep your renters happy while making as much money as possible. In order to do this, you have to keep your property up so your renters want to continue to pay the rent and live there. As the home ages, there are times when you to need make certain upgrades in order to keep the house up. You don’t have to invest a lot of money into the home as long as you keep up on the maintenance of it. Here are some easy upgrades you can make to keep your home in tip top shape.




One of the best investments you can make to your rental property is to create a beautiful landscape. This is one of the first things your potential renters will see when they pull up to the rental home. The curb appeal is the first impression you get to make to anyone who comes to the house. You can do all your landscaping yourself to save money. By keeping the weeds out, mowing the lawn, and planting a few flowers, you can spruce up your property and make it presentable to your potential renters. When they see how caring you are to the exterior of the home, they will automatically assume you took care of the interior as well.


Front Door


When your potential renters come to the front door, you want them to be impressed. A great front door sets the presence for the entire décor of the home. You want the home to have a sturdy door so it can keep out the weather and intruders. You also want it to be energy efficient so that the heat and air doesn’t escape out of the home. When you have gaps in between the door and edging, you can see it in your electric bill. You don’t want your renters to experience higher than normal utility bills because your home isn’t energy efficient. By installing a storm door, this also allows them to bring in natural light into the home.


Fresh Paint


One of the best ways to upgrade your home is to give it a fresh coat of paint. If you want the home to look bigger, you may want to apply white or a light color to the walls. Darker colors will make the home look smaller. You want your renters to take pride in their home and seeing scuff marks and dents in the walls will not help. By adding fresh paint to the walls, this allows it to feel more like home. You should always go with a neutral color to avoid it clashing with your renter’s furniture. Bright colors can be very tiresome and boring after a while. If you really want to impress your renter’s, allow them to choose the colors.