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Characteristics Of A Solid Property Manager

Trusting someone else to manage your investment property is not something to take lightly. Your investment property needs to be well maintained and looked after, and the tenants that live there need to feel happy, safe and cared for. If your property manager can’t do these things, it could cost you. So how do you know if a property manager is going to be a good fit? A solid property manager will always have your best interest in mind and strive to make sure your tenants are happy, your property is well taken care of and you keep getting paid. Here’s how you know you’ve got a good one:


They’re Tech Savvy

If your property manager doesn’t know how to use Facebook or is still using old office techniques, filing systems or computer programs, chances are your property and tenants aren’t getting the contemporary care they should be. Property managers who are up-to-date with the latest technology trends can use them to offer faster more efficient service to you, your tenants and their team.


They’re Expert Communicators

Your property manager is supposed to act on your behalf when you cannot physically be present. They should feel confident speaking with tenants, vendors and contractors to consistently ensure the best service for your home. They should be friendly, able to listen well and handle conflict appropriately. They need to be able to communicate issues to you clearly and quickly, and relay messages from you to tenants and contractors with clarity. They should be easy to contact and respond to your phone calls and emails promptly.


They’re Organized

Property managers are responsible for keeping track of multiple properties and should have tried and tested systems in place to keep everything organized. A property manager should be able to pull up any information such as tax and maintenance records swiftly. If they pay bills on your behalf, they should have a system in place to make sure they’re paid on time. Staying organized helps them manage your property better and makes everything run smoothly.

We Treat Your Home Like Our Own | Reliable Property Management
A good property management company treats your home like their own.


They’ve Been At It A While

There’s a lot that goes into being a property manager, and most of it is learned through experience. A brand new property management company may be able to provide you excellent service, but just be patient as they work out the kinks in the system. A solid property management team that has been in business for 5+ years will have had enough time to make the rookie mistakes and have systems in place to prevent them from happening. They will be confident in both the day to day responsibilities requires to manage your home correctly, but can all see the big picture, meet deadlines, and handle issues and problems with grace and efficiency.


Not all property management companies are the same, and it is important to do thorough research before trusting your investment property to just anyone. Screen your property management team like you’d screen your tenants, and don’t be afraid to ask questions (and more questions) to make sure you feel 100% confident leaving your home in their hands. Other qualities that all property managers should have include:

  • Impeccable leadership skills
  • Accountability
  • Financial stewardship
  • Attention to detail and
  • Responsiveness



A reliable property manager will use his/her experience and resources to ensure your property is taken care of, rent is paid, and tenants are happy. When all of three of these things are accomplished, you can confidently step away from your property knowing someone who is competent, resourceful, and experienced has it all under control.


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