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Pros & Cons Of Choosing A Rental Home Based On School District

Family Choosing A Rental Home Based On School District | Benefit National Temecula

Moving into a rental home can be quite a process, and it can take a while for everyone to settle into their new neighborhood, new home, and new routine. This can be even more of a disruption for families with young children, as it usually means sending their children to a new school. Families with school-aged children often take the school district into consideration when choosing a new rental, but sometimes find that limiting their rental search to a particular school zone limits their choices.

If you are a family with school-aged children and there is a move in your future, here are a few things to consider when choosing a rental home based on the school district:

Consider The Duration of Rental Period

Every rental situation is different. Some people need a place quickly just to serve as a transition spot between one permanent residence and the next. Others prefer to rent for the long term, 3-5 years or even more. The amount of time you think you will be renting a specific property will determine how important it is to be in your desired school district. If you plan to rent for the long term, being close to the school of your choice is important. If this is a very temporary rental, it may not be worth limiting your options based around a school that your children won’t be attending very long in the first place. It can make sense to rent a home versus buying, but if flexibility isn’t an issue buying may be your best option.

Great Schools Usually Mean Higher Rents

Families flock to areas near highly-ranked schools, so rents tend to be higher in these areas since the demand is higher. If you are adamant about being zoned for a particular school, especially if it is known as a highly-desired school, prepare to pay higher rent prices than homes located just out of a specific school district.

Better Home Vs. Better Schools

When it comes to choosing your rental home, you may have to choose between the home you want and the school district you want. It is very rare to find a home that checks all of the boxes (number of bedrooms, square footage, price, neighborhood) and is also located close to safe and highly-ranked schools. If you understand that compromises will probably need to be made, you can go into your rental search with a clear understanding of what you are willing to compromise on and what you aren’t.

Keep Rezoning In Mind

If you are moving to an area that is rapidly growing, there are chances that the local schools are reaching capacity or already have waitlists. The solution to this is usually the creation of a new school and a new zone, one you may fall into without realizing it. It is possible to move into a neighborhood in order to be zoned for a specific school, only to be re-zoned for a new school to relieve overcrowding. When this happens, you’ve now committed to a lease, and you’re still not in the school you wanted. Before you rent, find out if the local schools are reaching capacity or if they have waitlists and what the plans are for new schools and rezoning.

One way to prevent moving schools due to rezoning is finding a property as close to the school as possible. You’re less likely to be rezoned for another school if you’re on the same block as the existing school.  

Before you sign a lease, ask your landlord about the school district and if they have any personal knowledge about the local schools. If they don’t have school-aged children, they may not be able to give you inside information about the reputation of the local schools so it might be a good idea to reach out to Temecula Property Management companies, or other property managers in the area, to get current information about the school district. Connecting with local parents may also be a great way to determine if it is worth choosing a rental location based on the school district.