How To Be A Good Tenant And Neighbor! – Murrieta Property Management

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Whether you’re renting a home or apartment, here are some helpful tips on how to be a good tenant and neighbor.

1. Make sure to think about the staff (trash collectors, carpet cleaners, maintenance workers). Being considerate goes a long way.
2. Don’t attempt to do their job. They know how to do it right, so please let them handle it. It will be better for everyone in the long run!
3. Don’t take someone else’s trash into your apartment. Old couches are out on the street for a reason! Avoid lice, fleas and bed bugs by leaving the furniture on the street for the trash company to pick up.
4. Think of your neighbors. Especially if you live in a unit where you have other tenants above or below you, be considerate of the noise you are making.
5. Nobody’s perfect. Again, if you have neighbors directly below or above you, address any issues politely, and then let them go. We all make mistakes. Be kind enough to forgive and forget.
Some additional tips we have are:
1. Be friendly. Be a friendly neighbor, tenant and human being. This should go without saying, right? In any rental situation, you will likely need to call you maintenance staff or landlord at least once. Be kind and courteous when reporting a problem, and remember you are not their only tenant.
2. Be patient. Remembering that you are not the only tenant on the list, be patient when reporting a problem. As annoying and frustrating as it may be to have your dishwasher not working, think of your neighbors down the street who have three feet of standing water in their home from a pipe burst. If you know you have a great landlord, be patient and they will be with you as soon as possible.
3. Use common sense. Although landlords do not want you handling your own plumbing problems, do use common sense. Before going out of town you may think about shutting off your heat all together. Think about if this is a smart action. If you’re really unsure, try an online search on a reputable site.

4. Keep the outside of your home tidy. Your neighbors don’t have to see the inside of your home, thank goodness! But the outside is for public viewing. Again, no one is perfect, but we also don’t want to see your trash all over your yard for weeks. Take the time to take pride in your rented home, and clean up after yourselves. Your neighbors will appreciate your neighborhood looking nice!