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Is Your Property Rent Ready? Do These 5 Things To Be Sure

As a landlord there are a few things you need to do to make sure your home is ready for renters to move in. The more prepared you are, and the better condition your home is when they move in, the fewer problems you’ll run into during the move in process. If the house is in great shape when they move in, renters will be more likely to keep it that way during their time there. If it is obvious that you put thought and effort into preparing their new home for them, they’ll be more inclined to treat the home with the same thoughtfulness and respect. Before your new tenants show up in their moving truck, make sure you’ve done these 5 things to make the home rent-ready.


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Curb Appeal

According to top Murrieta Property Management Companies The first thing the new renters are going to notice is the outside of the home. What a drag it would be to show up to your new home and be welcomed by an overgrown lawn, peeling paint on the outside and dead grass. Take time way before the move-in date to give the front of the home a facelift. This includes things like watering and mowing the grass and doing a walk-through to make sure there isn’t any trash, dangerous holes or presents left from neighboring dogs in the front yard. Check the walkway and driveway for cracks that could be dangerous, remove any personal yard décor, and repair any cracked or peeling paint. During warmer months, keep potted plants by the front door to add a pop of color, or place an inviting welcome mat by the front door. For a more dramatic upgrade to the home, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders. Drive around the community to see which colors are commonly used for the exterior and stick within that color scheme so your home doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Or call a local Temecula Property Management company and see if they have some local knowledge. A new front door is another great way to revamp the front of the home and make the new renters feel excited to be home.


Security and Safety

The new tenants will want to be sure that they are safe and secure in their new home, which means changing all electronic codes from the previous renter and getting new keys for all exterior doors. If your community has gate keys or remotes to access amenities like the pool or tennis court, make sure you have those back from the previous renter.

Temecula Property Management | Murrieta Property Management | Benefit National
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Get Serious About Cleaning

Before the renters move in, hire a team of cleaning professionals to make sure the home is in tip-top shape. A Temecula Property Manager can help you locate a reliable professional. This means having the carpets professionally cleaned and even hiring a cleaning service to do a thorough, top to bottom clean. Windows need to be cleaned, refrigerators should be scrubbed, cobwebs cleared, light bulbs replaced, baseboards should be cleaned and ceiling fans should be inspected and dusted. Having the property properly cleaned prior to move in is one of the best ways to show your tenants that you care about them and the property and that you expect the same from them.


Notify The Mortgage Company

If you just renting out a room in your home and still plan on living there, you don’t have to notify your mortgage company. However, if you won’t be living in the home you are obligated to share this info with your mortgage company. This is also a good time to look into landlord property insurance so you are covered in case the tenant causes any damages. Many Murrieta Property Management companies require you list them as an additional insured.


Go The Extra Mile

Some landlords like to go the extra mile for their tenants on moving day and provide a small welcome gift, such s a gift card for pizza for their first night home or a small basket of basic utilities like toilet paper, paper towels, or a scented candle. Other landlords like to offer a small refreshment basket with bottled water, snacks, beer, or breakfast items. Small gestures like this are a great way to get the landlord-tenant relationship off to a good start. A Temecula Property Management company  can give you some great tips on how to create good will some small party favors.


Doing the final touches to prepare your house for renters can feel like the final lap of a long race. From the moment you bought the property to move in day, you’ve worked hard to get everything organized for your future tenants. Now that the day is quickly approaching, make sure you’ve done everything in your power to ensure the home is rent ready and your new tenants have a clean, safe and beautiful place to call home. If your a landlord in the Temecula & Murrieta area, Benefit National Property Management can help you in preparing and maintaining your investment to maximize rent and minimize vacancies. Call or e-mail today!

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