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Landlord Tales Of Nightmare Tenants

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If the right tenants aren’t selected your investment can turn into a nightmare.


For landlords, nothing is scarier than having horrible tenants in your home that don’t take care of, are needy, irresponsible, dirty, late with their rent, disrespectful or just downright weird. Getting them out of there is a hassle but keeping them in is even worse. If you’re dealing with difficult renters now, read some of these horror stories and hopefully, you’ll start to feel much better about your current problem renters:


“I don’t know what set them off, but my recent renters poured concrete down the drains. I mean, that takes serious thought and effort, but they managed to ruin all of the pipes; they were unsalvageable. We had to demolish and rebuild the entire place. The concrete even got into the septic tank and damaged that, and WE had to pay the city of Temecula for the damage done to the infrastructure. We sued them, but when you sue horrible people who pour concrete down drains, don’t expect to get much. We decided to us a Temecula Property Management Company after that”


Temecula Property Management | Benefit National Property Management
Abandoned and trashed home in Murrieta, CA


“I rented out a gorgeous Victorian style home to a mom who took in foster kids. She was so nice and had a heart of gold for kids who had nobody and she has a new baby of her own as well. Things got rough for me and I had to sell, but I gave her more than enough notice and even offered to connect her with other landlords in the area. When I went in after they moved out, the house was trashed, there was graffiti and profanity on the walls, and there was so much damage. But that was nothing compared to what we found in the basement. This crazy mom threw her baby’s dirty diapers down in the basement instead of throwing them away. She didn’t even wrap them up or put them in a bag, so we dealt with wall-to-wall dirty diapers, $7,000 in repairs and four months of renovations.”


“A friend of mine asked me to take over a property that had become too much for her to handle. When I went to the home the renter let me know they had a “side project” going on in the basement with a few animals. This was surprising because I knew my friend had a strict “no pets” policy. I’ve used a Murrieta Property Management Company in the past and they warned me about having a thorough pet policy. I’ll never be able to get the sound of dozens of squeaky rat wheels turning or the hundreds of red beady eyes glaring at me from the cages. They had tons of giant rats on one side of the basement, and glass tanks for snakes on the other side! The tenant quickly moved, but during the transition, a couple rats escaped and caused problems for many months to follow”.


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Temecula- You don’t want to be caught with the small percentage of renter’s that will trash your home

“We were dealing with major problem renters who were consistently late with rent and caused issues in the neighborhood. We were finally able to evict them and thought that was the end of it. We spent crazy money cleaning it up and refurbishing it, and when we were bringing new tenants around for a tour, realized the previous renters had MOVED BACK IN! They were adamant about staying and insisted we evict them AGAIN. Thankfully the police removed them, but only they had trashed the place again and we had to spend more money and time fixing it up a second time”

Managing a rental property can be a bad experience if you don’t have the tools to properly vet a tenant prior to signing a lease. Benefit National is a Murrieta Property Management company that provides full service property management at an affordable cost.