Landlords pandemic safety checklist

Landlord’s Pandemic Safety Checklist

Landlord Pandemic Safety Checklist

The Covid-19 pandemic changed everything, including the real estate market. Renters and landlords have had to adapt to a different way of doing business that prioritizes public safety and health. Social distancing, sanitation practices, and health screenings have become a part of everyday life, and landlords are responsible for creating safe and healthy places for their tenants.

If you are renting out properties during the pandemic, take a look at this landlord pandemic safety checklist to make sure you’re doing your part to do business safely:


Address Shared Spaces During The Pandemic

If you manage multi-family spaces, chances are you’ll have to consider how to handle the use of shared spaces. If there are shared spaces like laundry rooms, offices, lobbies, business centers, game rooms, community lounges, or swimming pools, there needs to be a plan to keep these spaces clean. You could shut them down completely, or you could implement restrictions to help maintain social distancing guidelines. If you do choose to leave these shared spaces open, you will need to have a sanitation and cleaning plan in place to ensure tenants, contractors, and visitors are safe in these areas.


proper pandemic ventilation

Verify Ventilation

One of the things you can add to your pandemic inspection checklist is checking the ventilation in your properties. Check all of the vent systems in your properties to make sure air is adequately moving throughout the home. Check for mold and other health hazards that could make tenants sick. Clean air filters, check vents and encourage tenants to open up the windows to let fresh air in when appropriate. Adding this task to your checklist can help ensure the air your tenants are breathing is clean.


Implement Safe Property Inspections Via A Murrieta Property Manager

Property inspections are an important part of being a landlord. This task ensures that the property meets city and state guidelines for rental properties, and will be a safe place for tenants to live. A few things you can do to perform property inspections safely include:


  • Contacting the tenant before the inspection to let them know when you will be there
  • Wear personal protective equipment when inside the residence
  • Limit touching surfaces, light switches, and doorknobs
  • Practice social distancing
  • Limit the number of people present during the inspection


virtual pandemic property management inspections

Visit Your Property Virtually During A Pandemic

Some tenants may be especially nervous about having you come into their home during a pandemic, especially those considered high risk. If there is any way you can inspect the property or address an issue virtually, give your tenants this option. More and more landlords are using virtual inspection apps to get a clear picture of a property without having to set foot inside.

Move-in inspections can be done by a property manager before a tenant moves in, or by the tenant themselves. There are many ways landlords and tenants can work together to complete inspections (complete with authorization and documentation) while still following health and safety guidelines.


Go Contactless For Pandemic Safety

Another way to safely run a business during the pandemic is to implement contactless services. If you haven’t already, consider contactless rent collection or maintenance requests. Virtual tours can replace traditional home showings, and mobile apps can make it easier and safer to send, scan, and organize paperwork and documentation. Not only does going contactless help your business run more smoothly, but it also offers peace of mind to tenants and contractors that are working hard to practice safe social distancing.


If you are a landlord in Murrieta (or the surrounding areas) and use a property management company to help you manage your rentals, they must be being proactive about offering services centered around health and safety.

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