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Next Steps To Take When You Need A Temecula Property Management Company

So you have a property in the Temecula, CA region and you want to hire a property manager for it. You’ve done your research; you’ve searched for property managers in Temecula, you’ve assessed the ones in your area for good quality, and you think you’re ready to make a decision. What should you do next? The absolute most important thing to do before you hire a property manager is to interview them for quality of person and experience. You don’t want a property manager who will do a bad job or will take more money than they are saving you.

What to Ask

Always ask Temecula property management companies for the most important information when considering who to hire. What services will they provide for you and your tenants? Is there anything not covered that you, as the homeowner, will have to take care of? What are their prices, in general and for maintenance services? What is their experience with your kind of property? What references and certifications do they have? What is their employee to property unit ratio, or how many properties does one person have to split their time between?

How to Assess Them

When interviewing a manager from a Temecula property management company, how they answer your questions is just as important as what they say, because it shows how they will treat you for the rest of your relationship. They should be passionate about real estate and respectful toward you. They shouldn’t interrupt you or be in any way rude to you. This is their time to impress you. If they’re not doing their best and putting their best foot forward, they won’t do their best for your real estate either.

The Little Things to Look For

Just as when screening tenants, there are red flags to look for in Temecula property management companies during the interview phase. Do they own their own property? This may seem like a good thing, but it is not. This means they will always put their own property over yours. Do they charge for rents collected or rents that are supposed to be collected? The latter option means that they want their money whether they actually do their job or not. How often will they inspect the property they are supposed to be managing? If the answer is not often or not at all, then they must not care that much about the shape the property is in, and they are probably not the property manager for you.


After all of these steps, have you found a Temecula property management company who passes the tests and seems perfect for the property you own? Excellent! These companies should know the best way to proceed with finalizing your relationship with them. As always with legal and business matters, read all of the fine print and ask for clarification if you don’t understand something. Congratulations on your new property manager!