Management Fees

Outstanding Customer Service with one of the most competitive Fee Schedules in the Industry. We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other and with Benefit National you never will. We pledge to keep it simple and never charge any hidden fees, or unnecessary fees that Management Companies have been known to do.

When you sign a Management Contract with us you will always know exactly what to expect and we’re confident you’ll be pleased with the outcome.


Monthly Management Fee $149
1st Month Management Fee $0
Lease Listing New Tenant 50% 1st Month’s Rent
One Time Lease Renewal Fee $125
Advertising Fees $0
Monthly Direct Deposit Fee $0
Maintenance Up-Charge $0
Hidden Fees $0

Compare and Save!

We do not charge any fees whatsoever until your home is rented. It’s simple, we won’t get paid until your home has a signed lease with a qualified tenant. We’re that confident in our ability to do our job efficiently! There are many different types of fee structures in Property Management. Here’s a comprehensive look at our fees versus the most common traditional fee structure.


Fee Structure Comparison
Based On $2,400 Average Rent
$149 Flat Fee
Benefit National
Property Management
8% Variable Fee
Company A
Monthly Management Fees $1,788 $2,304
OUR APPROACH: We Charge A Flat $149 Per Month With The 1st Month Free
Monthly Management Fees (24 Month Period) $3,576 $4,608
OUR APPROACH: Over Time A Flat Fee Structure Is Proven More Cost Effective
Leasing/Listing Fee $1,200 $799
OUR APPROACH: Think Of This Fee Similar To A Listing Fee On A Home You Have For Sale. If You Try To Save Here Your Home Simply Does Not Get Enough Marketing Exposure And Is Not Offered To Outside Agents On The MLS. Causing An Extended Vacancy Period & The Potential For A Large Loss. Remember, 1 Lost Month Of Rent More Than Diminishes Any Savings And We Would Much Rather Lower Our Monthly Fees To Make Any Difference Up Than Have Your Home Sit On The Market.
Lease Renewal Fee $125 $125
OUR APPROACH: Preparing, Negotiating, & Signing New Lease Terms With Current Tenant
Maintenance Service Fees $0 $50
OUR APPROACH: We never charge additional fees for coordinating basic maintenance
Monthly Direct Deposit Fee (12 Month Period) $0 $24
OUR APPROACH: Monthly Direct Deposits Into Your Account Are Free

Your Savings With Us

1 Year Cost $2,988 $3,103 $115
2 Year Cost $4,776 $5,407 $631
1 Year Hypothetical Cost
1 Month Vacancy Due To Poor Listing Effort
$2,988 $5,503 $2,515

Why Us? A Clear Choice

Benefit National
Property Management

Company A
We Are Experts In Our Field Concentrating Only On Property Management. You Wouldn’t Want A Pediatrician Performing Heart Surgery and Vice Versa. Both Licensed To Practice In Their Field, But Not Experts At Both. The Same Concept Applies For P.M. Offers Property Management As Well As Traditional Realty, Mortgage, & Escrow Services.
We Offer Single & Multi-Family “Residential” Property Management Services. We Do Not Handle Commercial Property Management Which Is A Completely Different Skillset. May Concentrate Only On Property Management But Tries To Juggle Residential, Commercial, & HOA Management.
We Pride Ourselves On Personal Attention. You’ll almost certainly reach a live person if you call us. Our Number Is At The Top Of This Screen. Try It Out. Property Management Companies Are Often Understaffed Making Customer Service A Difficult Task.
We Accept Only Certified Funds From Tenants. Allowing Us To Skip The Traditional Check Clearance Waiting Period Prior To Sending You Monthly Funds. Typically Accepts Personal Checks And Imposes A 10 Day Waiting Period Prior To Disbursing Your Monthly Funds.
Online Personal Secure Owner Portal Allowing You 24/7 Access To All Signed Documents, Monthly Statements, Maintenance Invoices, & Real Time Updates On Any Tenant Repair Requests. Some Companies Have Owner Portals. They’re Usually Missing A Feature Or Two Though.
One Of The Lowest Fee Structures In The Industry With One Of The Highest Customer Satisfaction Levels. Take A Look At Our Published Annual Client Survey!

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