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Practical Tips For Getting Your Home “Rent Ready”

Get Your Investment Home Rent Ready | Temecula Property Management
Making minimal improvements can maximize profits


To you, an investment property might not mean much more to you than four walls, a ceiling, and a paycheck every month. For your renters, it is home. It is a place where they will want to feel safe and comfortable, where they can relax and get away from the stressors of the world. For them, finding a house to rent is a big deal because they are choosing a place to put down their roots, at least for a little while. That is why is so important to make sure your rental property is in tip-top shape before showing it to potential tenants.


It Shows You Care

If a tenant walks into a home for the first time and sees that is unclean or unfinished, they may get the impression that their comfort and safety isn’t important to you. Allowing potential renters to walk through a home that is not ready for them sets a bad first impression and may deter them from renting. When you take pride in your property, it will make the future renters feel more confident and will show that you’ve put thought and effort into making their next home look its best.


It Sets An Expectation

Renters who walk into a home that is unorganized, dirty or unfinished may get the wrong idea about your expectations for the home. If you don’t take good care of the property, why should they? Keep the grass cut, clean the windows, fix anything that is damaged or broken, and present the home in the very best light possible. If they walk into a home that is respected and taken care of, they will understand that the expectation is for them to keep it that way.


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It Sets You Apart

Sprucing up a home before renting it out helps to set you apart from the competition. It doesn’t take much to give your home a few extra touches to make it feel like a place renters would want to settle down. If renters are deciding between your home and someone else’s and you’ve taken the extra step to make the home look welcoming, chances are they’re going to choose your home. When they are trying to make their final decision, they will remember the way they felt when they pulled up to your property and walked inside. If they felt comfortable and enjoyed the vibe of the home, they will remember it. If they felt like home wasn’t taken care of or prepared for them, they’ll remember that too.


As a landlord, the way you present your property says a lot about you and about what you expect from people who rent your property. Sprucing up a property doesn’t require a whole lot of time or money, but the effort that you put into it sets the foundation for a positive business relationship. To attract high-quality tenants, you need to present your property in a way that will attract high-quality tenants.