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Landlord Tales Of Nightmare Tenants

  For landlords, nothing is scarier than having horrible tenants in your home that don’t take care of, are needy, irresponsible, dirty, late with their rent, disrespectful or just downright weird. Getting them out of there is a hassle but keeping them in is even worse. If you’re dealing with difficult renters now, read some […]

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“Damage” versus “Normal Wear & Tear”- Murrieta & Temecula Property Management

For additional information please visit www.benefitnational.com or www.benefitpropertymanagement.com Landlords in every state may collect a security deposit from new tenants; but all states require that every security deposit is refundable at the end of the tenancy if the property is in the condition it was at move-in, minus “normal wear and tear.” Put another way, […]

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